Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Little Pony Fashion

I often browse Etsy looking for new ponies to buy and daydream about, in all this looking I have seen so much cute My Little Pony jewelry and accessories I thought I would write a blog about some of my favorites <3 Not to mention I always love to help promote my fellow Etsy shop owners!

Love this cutie cameo featuring Star Catcher! from

These earings featuring Royal Bouquet are so adorable I am in love with them! from 

This adorable ring featuring Beachcomber is just one of many My Little Pony rings that has created!

I was so surprised to find this little gem! The witches from the original movie always scared me so much! but made a lovely necklace of them~

There is tons more My Little Pony jewelry all over Etsy! So go take a look <3

Colored Eyebrows.

Recently I have grown very fond of coloring my eyebrows different colors! Purple, pink, blue! Love it <3 I know a lot of people with super dark bushy eyebrows who have issues coloring them, But i'll tell you right now girls that I have the darkest bushy eyebrows ever! (although most of them are shaved off, except for the base of them) but all I use is a regular white eye pencil to coat them in and whatever color eyeshadow I want with a small angled brush, then smooth the edges with a Q-tip. Works like a dream. 

But if you are more into natural brows, I've been using the Too Faced brow envy kit for a long time now and it is wonderful! I highly recommend it. 


I uploaded two new Looks to Lookbook! Check it out <3

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Took some time off to get my life back on track, but I'm back with more ambition for my future :) (also back with a new iPhone!! so say hello to regular posting)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Just a quick shitty post to update about real life stuff.
It turns out I won't be going to school annnnd I quit my job because the people there were totally backwards and disgusting. Yup, back to doing nothing.

I'll get back to posting about fun happy stuff in just a moment.

Friday, January 20, 2012


Lilac nail polish <3

In love with pastel nail. this shade is a random off brand but I highly recommend all of Revlons pastel shades!

And I know i've posted about this shade before^
Mint! which is my favorite <3

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


First day of school at Nothern Illinois University today, my Girlfriend's school. I went with her because I have nothing else to do! so i'm sitting in the cafe trying to get my school stuff figured out, and I finally scheduled a tour at Regency Beauty Institute tomorrow :) I'm extremely excited!! more excited than I have ever been for anything this nerve wrecking. oh and still no call from my job interview! but I'm keeping my fingers crossed <3

Monday, January 16, 2012


My ultimate weakness is super long eyelashes~ I always search for the longest lashes I can possibly find!
After searching for so long, I realized the best place to find them is Halloween stores. sometimes they are cheaply made, but honestly it doesn't matter much. as for more expensive lashes, Make Up For Ever has a lot of beautiful lashes I enjoy.

I can't live without eyelashes <3 all you girls who want to feel extra doll like should buy a few pairs. they make a significant difference to your make up and make you feel extra pretty.

Purple swag

I'm bad at updating my blog, it would be easier if I had internet or a nice smart phone. but whatever! i'm trying my hardest <3

I finally got sick of my black hair and decided to start my way towards my dream of long purple hair! The ends of my hair just won't bleach anymore, so they are a stranger color than I wanted. But  once I get enough money I am going to buy new weave and dye it to match! so excited to finally have my dream hair.

Also it finally fucking snowed!! and my mom bought me a lovely new camera for christmas :)