Friday, November 18, 2011

Intro post

Finally! first post on my blog that I have been delaying for days!

My name is Amanda, but some call me Miku.
Born in Detroit, MI.
Currently residing in Illinois with my Girlfriend.
I listen to way too much rap music and I love unicorns.
I'm sarcastic and swear too much.

I'll be posting about everything I love here, and also my life :]
I <3-
Make up
My Little Pony
Video Games
Lord of the Rings
Yummy Food
Handmade & DIY projects

(I also have a store where I sell all my creations and such Plastic Castle Shop. You will occasionally find updates about my store here also!)

I also Cosplay frequently
(Stocking(me), Panty)

If you guys love these things too, I hope you'll follow me! and talk to me about them too.


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